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Budget Indoor Plant Hire .........helping you create a beautiful and healthier environment!

Indoor plant hire: large desktop garden in terracotta urn

Let nature and science operate together in your office, showroom, hotel or club so your staff and clients can enjoy the health and beauty of your surroundings.

Budget Indoor Plant Hire provide quality Indoor Plants, excellent service and importantly a budget driven total cost for hiring your indoor plants and containers.

Speaking about total cost, we guarantee that we will not only beat our competitor's total price, but we will beat it by a minimum of 10%.

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It's a lot better for you than you think by bringing nature indoors!

You may think that indoor plants in commercial buildings is old fashioned and out of date with modern architecture. However, nothing could be further from the truth, science is teaching us that modern building with sterile environments are actually not helping the wellbeing of staff.

There is a lot of documented evidence stating that:

  1. Indoor plants professionally installed and maintained can add dollars to your business.
  2. Absence due to sickness is reduced by as much as 60% This has an immediate effect on the bottom line no loss of time or productivity due to absence.
  3. Plants in work areas assure that the well-being of staff is improved.
  4. Staff that have some say in the decoration of their workspace are more productive.
  5. Plants and flowers in a reception make a good impression. Research has showed that planting at the entrance of a building add a perception of quality and assurance of the business.
  6. Staff who can see plants from their desks are more likely to remain calm.
  7. Whilst just one plant can reduce feelings of negativity, anxiety and depression.
  8. Staff that are less stressed are more productive.